The Widest Selection of Wine

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Since 1950, your neighborhood Hollywood Market has been your personal Michigan wine cellar. We are proud of our selection and value. Whether it’s a glass in the evening, special occasion, or to complement a meal, we will have something for you.

Wine Discounts

Wines may be discounted by 10% on any case or more. (Discounts are based on regular selling retail).

A Brief History of Wine

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It is not known when our ancestors first discovered that fermenting grape juice preserved it. The preservation of grape juice was probably the primary reason early man made wine. With no refrigeration he knew grape juice would soon spoil if not made into wine.

Egyptian pictographs indicate that man knew of and produced wine over 6000 years ago. The Bible makes reference to wine in several places. Early man also believed wine possess medicinal value. New research has proven this to be factual.

Who are we kidding? Man discovered that wine tasted great! Need we say more?

The Marriage of Food & Wine

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Perhaps a traveler’s milk pot was tossed about as he rode across the land many years ago. Two days later, with no refrigeration, he discovered his fresh milk had been churned into curd. Having traveled long, he was too hungry to throw the strange curd away.

With wine skin in hand, he cautiously took a taste of the curd and took a drink of his wine. To his delight, he discovered the pleasure of wine and cheese! So began the marriage of food and wine! Red with beef and white with chicken… We all know the “rules.” Drink the “wrong” wine with your meal and the “wine police” will come and arrest you! Ridiculous isn’t it?

Reality: There are no rules. How the general serving guidelines became “rules” is unknown. We believe in drink what you like, not what you are “supposed” to like. With this in mind, we offer our wine and food pairing chart which may help guide you to a pleasurable combination.

Hollywood Markets Wine Pairing Chart
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